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Queen of Goiânia 

From CGAP "Queens of Goiás"

in: The Origin of Zelda

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A word about all the subtitles

Yo, everybody!

As an English teacher, I know about communication, and as an ESL teacher, I know some of the challenges that fringe groups and minorities face when trying to find each other in a world that trends toward homogeneity. I feel like we've been given an opportunity here to show some leadership as language teachers who respect all languages. Let's not insist on only English, let's insist that we at least make an attempt at inclusion to the extent we're able.

The reason I am so stoked to be associated with this film is because it really tells a heartwarming story that is relateable, but not in a traditional sense.  Everyone's got to have something in their life that they pour their positive energy into, that they maintain accountability to, so that as we weather times of strife, and we inevitably get to the other side, that we have something to show for the time we've spent. Our lives would be perforated by times of hardship and that time could be best described as a complete waste otherwise.


So, since these subs are my responsbility, it's my pleasure to present to the world, with love to Goiania and to the State of Goias especially, and to Secult, this vignette or novelette or short autobiographical story or whatever it is, I'm not even sure who this is for or who the audience is, but I'm totally fascinated by this story and obsessed with it.  And it's my pleasure to present to the non-English non-Portuguese speaking world this sort of down payment on an apology for insisting on English all these years.

Yours truly,

Unopened Parachute

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